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Identifying Sartell business branding preferences

In early 2014 the City of Sartell, through a grant from the Initiative Foundation, hired Greenfield Communications to learn the opinions and challenges of business owners in the southeastern part of that community. It was the first step in an effort to memorably brand the area alongside Hwy 15, which had unofficially been dubbed the Sartell Medical & Business Park neighborhood.

Our research asked decision-makers for their thoughts regarding how they’d like the area to look five years from now (including potential new businesses and amenities), the pros and cons of conducting business there, customer perceptions about the area, whether a strong neighborhood brand is important for their organization’s success, preferences for words or concepts to consider in developing a name, and so on.

A strong media relations effort kept the community informed before and after the research, which included our analysis of the findings and recommendations for next steps. A few months later the volunteer branding committee developed Hub on 15 as the neighborhood’s new name.